What Paper or Canvas & Cardboard to Use for Spray Paint Art

If you’re a craft worker and love painting, you may look for a good canvas where you can draw and paint well or prepare anything with cardboard, paper, & pens. Therefore, you have to know what paper or canvas & cardboard to use for spray paint art because all spray paint doesn’t fit with all papers and boards.

I also bought all types of paint, including brush paint (acrylic) & spray paint for doing my things; I reached a conclusion after I tried so many paints, papers, and cardboards for that.

Let’s see what is suitable for spray paint art and which things you should follow; read the whole article.

What Paper or Canvas & Cardboard to Use for Spray Paint Art?

Well, spray paint is an amazing way of art, especially when the area of your craft is broad; you may find it unbelievable, but you can use paper for spray paint art. You cannot choose all types of papers for spray paint arts; you have to be very specific according to your purposes.

Let’s make a list of papers for spray paint on them:

  • You can choose thick and slightly rough poster paper for making spray paint posters for various concerts, event notices, or other reasons. You have to be careful about handling them because they won’t be as hard as a canvas or cardboard.

Anyway, if you want a much stronger base, or attach the thin poster paper to anything, you can get a glossy poster board spray paint, or you can sometimes spray on the board as well.

  • If you want to complete craftwork with spray paint, you can take help from newspapers because they easily soak and absorb the color emulsion like other newsprint papers.
  • Plain and glossy magazine papers can be another kind of good choice for you for spray painting; it never disappoints you.

Now it’s time to find out which cardboards are suitable for use in spray paint because cardboards are essential for most craftworks.

  • Cardboard warps are the best options for those who want flexibility in their spray paint
  • Corrugated cardboards are mostly used in spray paints because that is the most compatible base for the types of paint that are used.

How to Spray Paint on Cardboard: Step by Step Guideline

You will have to follow some steps, including gathering the necessary elements for spray painting on cardboards; the things you will need are:

How to Spray Paint on Cardboard
  • Spray paints,
  • Base (Cardboards)
  • Papers
  • Protections.

Let’s see the steps of spray painting on a cardboard surface; it is fun and quite simple.

  1. First of all, you must prepare the area, such as cleaning the surroundings, setting the cardboard well, covering the areas that you don’t want to paint, etc. Please remember that spray paints are pretty difficult to remove and that’s why you should wear gloves and an apron before you paint.
  2. Secondly, you will start a light coat of paint, but it would be better if you spray paint on cardboard keeping the bottle 12 feet away. You can spray either in zigzag or back and forth motion to paint perfectly; let it dry afterward, but if you want, you can prime before painting.
  3. Thirdly, after the first coat is dried well after some hours, you have to spray the second layer of color; it should be thicker than the first one and let it dry for at least 20-24 hours to avoid smudges.
  4. Once the paint is dried, your item is ready if you don’t want to shape it and the drawing is over; on the other hand, if you want to craft with that and shape the thing, you will have to wait until it’s totally dry.

How to Spray Paint Paper: Know the Method

How to Spray Paint Paper

You can also paint papers to make drawings or any other items; you have to gather the necessary items like paper, tape, base, color, protection, and wiper. Let’s see how you can paint the papers with spray paint:

  •  First of all, you have to wear gloves and other protection and be prepared for spraying, including wearing a mask; you have to set the base. You may use poster boards, walls, and canvas as a base for paper spray painting art.
  • You will need tapes to attach the corners and edges of the paper with the board or base; bring some pencils and other drawing materials. If you observe the spray paint art images, you can see that how perfect it becomes with a previous outline.
  • Start the first coat of colors one by one, covering the other sides that you don’t want to paint; keep something to wipe if the colors overlap.
  • Let the color dry and give it time to be stable; your art on paper would be ready.

What Are the Suitable Spray Paint for Beginners?

You must know about easy spray paint art for beginners if you’re new; on the other hand, you must also know which branded spray paints are suitable for use on paper and cardboard.

In the beginning stage, you can try out either one color or two-colored paints in easy designs; moreover, you should be careful about choosing the paint brand. Rust Oleum, Pinty Plus, Krylin, and Acrylic spray paint are good for both cardboard and paper.

Why Do Spray Paint Artists Use Fire?

The spray paint contains many flammable chemicals and the fire helps the chemicals to burn and make it safe; moreover, it helps the paint soak and dries soon without getting spoilt. That’s why, the spray paint artists are seen to use fire, but don’t burn the paper or cardboard while drying with fire & be careful.

Final Say 

The article clearly shows what paper or canvas & cardboard to use for spray paint art & how it is done; please follow each step given. If you choose the right products & necessary items, you can smoothly do your work no matter if it is just painting or doing further craft workers.

However, you should know every small technique and detail about spray painting; you can check some spray paint art pictures on the internet for that.

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