The Ultimate Guide To How to spray paint a mailbox

Is your mailbox looking old? Do you want to spray paint a mailbox? Then, it would be best if you learned how to spray paint a mailbox. There are so many steps and processes to spray paint a mailbox or letterbox. If you want to be an expert in this field, you need to read the below article carefully!

How To Spray Paint A Mailbox?

You may have an aluminum mailbox, a Rubbermaid mailbox, a metal mailbox, or a plastic mailbox. First, you should decide which type of mailbox you want to paint. There are some different ways or techniques for painting different types of letterboxes.

How To Spray Paint A Metal Mailbox?

When you wish to spray paint a metal letterbox, you need to follow the below steps:

Step 01

Make ready the letterbox for painting

As you are working with a metal letterbox, you need a very much ventilated region. Continuously utilize a drop fabric when you are painting in the indoor or outdoor section. It would be best if you remembered that the color might harm your floor.

To decorate the letterbox, you really want to eliminate it from the letterbox post. Utilize a screwdriver to complete the task by eliminating the screws. Keep the screws in a protected spot.

Now, move the letterbox to a place where you want to perform the task. Immerse a cloth in very much warm water and twirl out the abundance. Mob the letterbox to eliminate any dust, abundance dampness, or oil that had framed on the metal.

Again, utilize a spotless cloth for drying the letterbox. Actually, look at the letterbox for any indications of tarnish, and utilize a brush to eliminate them from the letterbox. Eliminate the metal shavings using a cloth and wash the letterbox again. It would be best if you utilized painter’s tape to the banner to save it.

Step 02

Prime the letterbox

You need a surface that permits the paint to hold fast to the actual metal in this step. The preliminary layer is significant on the grounds that it makes a finished surface that the paint requires cling to. Is the last paintwork on the letterbox dark? Then, you might have to go through sandpaper to eliminate the coat.

Furthermore, you need to eliminate the paint chips with a fresh cloth. You need to add the primer by showering it on in even portions. Ensure that you keep the letterbox entryway and the back and the base lip of the postbox. Permit the preliminary coat to dry for 24 hours.

Step 03

Finish the letterbox

Add the metal texture to the letterbox in lethargic and even segments. It would help if you covered every last bit of the metal post box, including the entryway, hanging lip, and the back. When this metal paint is dry, eliminate the tape from the banner.

Dunk a froth brush into the red metal paint. Then, it would help if you pushed it against the body of the can to eliminate the overabundance of paint. Cautiously paint the banner. Finally, when the letterbox gets dried, then you may keep the box back on the wall.

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How To Spray Paint An Aluminum Mailbox?

When you need to spray paint an aluminum letterbox, you should gather the below things and follow the steps:

Necessary things:

  • Screwdriver
  • Degreaser
  • Brush
  • Hose
  • Plastic clay blade
  • Painter’s tape
  • Shower drawing groundwork
  • Acrylic shower
  • Clothes

Step 01

When the location data leave a tacky buildup on the aluminum, utilize a cloth hosed with mineral spirits to eliminate it.

Try not to utilize a holding base to cover an aluminum post box. You should utilize a drawing groundwork, or the paint may chip away.

If you had visited any local road, you would have probably seen color chipping away from the aluminum postboxes. The guilty portion in this kind of wearing is basically consistently weak surface planning.

Since the metal ground is smooth and nonporous, they should be adapted before color clings to them. Sadly, aluminum’s solidness makes erosion-based abrasion methods pointless. You should add an extraordinary kind of primer that may rub the outer layer of the letterbox.

Step 02

Eliminate the location data from the letterbox. Utilize a screwdriver in case they are in a bad way. Utilize a clay blade to scratch them away in case they are stickers.

Scour the aluminum letterbox wash utilizing a degreaser. Remember that the degreaser you used was water-based. Wash the letterbox utilizing a water hose.

Step 03

Permit the ground to dry totally, and afterward, scratch away any free or stripping paint from the letterbox utilizing a clay blade. Then add painter’s tape to the letterbox banner and some other spaces of the postbox you need leaving uncolored.

Add a splash rust coat to the rusty spaces of the aluminum letterbox. Permit the sealer to be waterless for 2hours, add a layer of drawing primer to the whole postbox. Permit the drawing primer to recover for 4-hours, add two layers of acrylic shower paint to the letterbox. Permit at least 2-hours of dry time between different primers.

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How To Spray Paint A Plastic Mailbox?

You will need the below materials:

  • Letterbox
  • Ammonia-based cleaner
  • Washed cloth
  • Low-tack covering tape
  • Available fusion for plastic

Follow the below steps:

  • First, you should utilize the ammonia-based cleaner. Well, now eliminate any residue or particles from the letterbox. As the plastic is not old, you need to use paint remover for possible outcomes.
  • Totally tape off the portions that you don’t need to be colored.
  • Flirt fusion can for at least three minutes.
  • Adding in a very much ventilated region, keep can ten inches from ground and splash in a general movement from one side to another.
  • Add a dainty cover and permit it to be waterless for thirty seconds.
  • Add different flimsy coats until the ground is totally covered.
  • Eliminate tape as soon as possible after spraying.
  • A combination of fusion dries in fifteen minutes, and you may handle it in around 60 minutes.

Again, if you have a Rubbermaid letterbox, then you should learn how to spray paint a Rubbermaid mailbox. Remember that you should apply different steps for different types of letterboxes.

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Wrapping It Up

You may have an aluminum mailbox, a Rubbermaid mailbox, a metal mailbox, or a plastic mailbox. At first, you have to select the type you want to paint, and then follow the above steps! Now you know how to spray paint a mailbox and apply it happily in your own project.

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