How Many Cans of Spray Paint for Patio Furniture In 60 Minutes

Spray paint has become a famous thing among people; therefore, they love painting many things through spray paint; furniture has been also another canvas for artists. Now, you may ask that how many cans of spray paint for patio furniture are needed.

I must say from my experience that there is no definite quantity of spray paint that you will apply on furniture; everything is uncertain, but how many layers do you need is constant. Anyway, the article will direct you about spray painting patio furniture.

Let’s see the assumed quantity of spray paint, & sort out other queries; shall we start?

How Much Spray Paint Do You Need for Patio Furniture?

First of all, how much paint you would need depends on the furniture’s size & how much space you have on the surface; usually, the furniture is quite big. Moreover, you have to focus on the paint to be perfect; that’s why it is necessary to spray 2-3 coats of spray paint.

Therefore, you have to spend several cans of spray paint because you will have to cover the whole surface; the estimated cans can be 5-7. However, another factor affecting the quantity is which type, branded, & sized spray paint you have bought.

What Things Will You Need to Spray Paint Patio Furniture?

Please remember that having the spray paint only is not enough to color the patio furniture; you will need some other items too. Let’s see the necessary items to spray paint furniture:

  • A single piece of furniture, or if necessary, you can take a whole set of some wooden or metal surface; the set can consist of 4-5 furniture.
  • A wire brush, or anything like that, which can rub & take the previous layer of paint off; please remember that it’s an essential step of burnishing furniture.
  • You may need something to cover the surface that you don’t want to get painted; for instance, you want to cover any glass or wooden area of the furniture while painting. You have to use broad tapes to cover the parts because spray paint is pretty difficult to remove once it’s dry.
  • 6-7 cans of best spray paint for patio furniture is another vital thing you will need; please remember that it’s good to have extra cans in case of emergency, but you should never run out of paint.

How to Measure Your Furniture & Assess the Total Necessary Paint?

Well, before you start shopping for painting furniture, you must identify how much spray paint do you need; moreover, you have to calculate the total area & volume of the objects. Moreover, you have to decide which type of spray paint you will purchase; some are thin & paint a large area within one spray.

On the other hand, some types of paint consume more paint while spraying all over; therefore, you must choose the paint wisely; let’s see the steps of measuring furniture & spray paint:

  • First of all, you have to get a measuring tape to calculate the height, length, & width of the plain area; moreover, you may have to take the radius & other measurements.
  • After your measurements, you have to summarize the total area that you want to spray paint & decide how many coats you will apply. That will automatically tell you the total quantity of necessary spray paint.
  • Next, you have to check how many liters paint is in a can; the quantity also varies from brand to brand; the sizes are usually small, medium, & large.

On the other hand, some branded paints are counted in ml, such as Rustoleum Spray Paint. If you use large-size bottles for painting your patio furniture, you may not need too many bottles & finish your work spending within $50.

  • You should get ideas from experts about how much paint can cover the whole area; for instance, one paint’s 400 ml can color a 2 meter surfaced area. That was just an example & you have to get enough idea before assuming the quantity & making your list.
  • Another thing to consider here is if the paint looks perfect after two (initial & final) coats or not; sometimes the spray may need an extra coat. That’s why it would be better if you buy extra or keep spare for that purpose.

Taking measurements & calculating the total color is not a difficult thing to do; you can easily do this process within some minutes before starting your work. Moreover, you can prevent extra expenses without buying unnecessary things & maintain a budget.

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Can You Measure Spray Paint in Gallons?

Well, you can sometimes measure paints in gallons, but most of them are not spray paint; the paints that come with a brush or roller system. However, only a few unique spray paint comes in bulky size; you can count their quantity in gallons, but most of them are counted in liter or oz.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Cans of Spray Paint Do You Need for a Whole Metal Furniture?

You will have to spend at least 8-12 cans at least if you’re painting a whole set of furniture, totally made of steel or other metals. There would be no wood or other material surface in your furniture, but if there are small furniture, it may take less.

How Much Area You Can Cover with a 2-Gallon Paint?

You can cover a 400 square feet area with 2-gallons of thick paint, but if you’re spray painting, your first layer should be very thin.

What Is the Best Spray Paint for Outdoor Furniture?

Rustoleum & Krylon spray paints are the top branded spray paints for outdoor metal furniture; please choose the best option for yourself.


I hope now you have an idea about how many cans of spray paint for patio furniture and apply the knowledge whenever necessary. You can get as many cans you want at a reasonable price if you be wise while selecting; you can also preserve some of them for future use.

Anyway, keep your metal furniture updated by polishing & spray painting on them after a certain time; it would be helpful.

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