The 5 Best spray paint for metal outdoor furniture An Incredibly Easy Method That Works For All of 2023

Spray paint has become more popular nowadays. Now anyone wants to save their busy time and want to complete any task easily and quickly. Well! Spray paint can be a great option to give a new look to the old patio furniture.

Spray paint is an effective way to change your dull and colorless lawn furniture. A high-quality paint bottle can seal the moisturizer of the products and can give a long lifespan.

Today here, we will share with you our top recommended best spray paint for metal outdoor furniture. We hope you will enjoy this piece of writing and can get the best bottle for your metal furniture easily.

In this guide, we will discuss some bonus tips that will help you spray your items properly and make your task easy.

View The Best Spray Paint:

If you are in a hurry, you can take a short look at our selected paints.

  • Best for Spray Paint for metal: Rust-Oleum 2X Spray Paint
  • Best for spray and primer: Rust-Oleum Black Painter
  • Best rust-resistant paint for metal: Rust-Oleum spray paint for metal
  • Best No-Prep Spray Paint: Krylon All-in-one black spray Paint
  • Best budget-friendly Paint: Rust-Oleum All Surfaces Spray Paint

A comparison Chart for Best Spray Paint


Spray Paint

Key Specs



Rust-Oleum 2X Spray Paint

  • Drying time: 20-minutes

  • Base material :oil

  • Coverage area: 12 sq ft

          4.6 out of 5

Rust-Oleum Black Painter

  • Drying time: 10-minutes

  • Base material: Oil

  • Coverage area: 15 sq ft

            4.6 out of 5

Rust-Oleum spray paint for metal

  • Drying time: 2 to 4 hours

  • Base material: Oil

  • Coverage area: 15 sq ft

           4.1 out of 5

Krylon All-in-one black spray Paint

  • Drying time: 25-minutes

  • Base material: oil

  • Coverage area: 25 sq ft

            4.7 out of 5

Rust-Oleum All Surfaces Spray Paint

  • Drying time: 30-minutes

  • Base material: oil

  • Coverage area: 15 sq ft

            4.7 out of 5

Best Spray paint for metal outdoor Furniture

There are several types of paint in the current market that are not suitable for all furniture materials. So, when you are going to paint your outdoor metal furniture, you have to choose the best spray paint for metal outdoor furniture. It helps to get a long-lasting and good finishing paint smoothly.

Let’s see our top recommended spray paint for metal.

1. Rust-Oleum 2X Spray Paint

Our recommended first product will be ideal if you seek the best spray paint for your outdoor furniture. The ultra-matte finish of this paint makes a no-shine and vintage look on the metal furniture.

It includes double coverage technology, and every application added twice the coverage. It allows you to finish the painting project very quickly.

Without any finger fatigue, the comfortable spray tip assists you in working with longer projects. The nozzles even work from any angle to get a hard-to-reach place.

Why We Like This Paint:

We recommend this paint because it includes a matte finish which gives a vintage appearance to the projects. This finish will bring out the natural beauty of the projects. The 2X Ultra-matte goes faster and quickly, trying to make a smooth, long-lasting high coat. You can apply it for indoor or outdoor furniture.   


  • Premium coverage coat
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor
  • Any angle spray way
  • Dry the paint faster
  • Smooth multi finish


  • Claim for the strong odor

2. Rust-Oleum Black Paint Primer

If you want to get paint with primer, you should pick the second option of us. This is also painted from Rust-Oleum, which is a versatile metal paint. It is ideal for other surfaces, for example – wood, plastic, or brick.

It is durable enough, which can be excellent to choose for any outdoor furniture. But a high-quality finish will work very well for any indoor items too. The advanced technology makes sure the smooth, top-quality coat can’t chip off.

The Rust-Oleum spray paint comes with a wide range of colors and finishes, giving it a versatile option for painting on any metal by hand. It is formulated to withstand UV exposure and remains vibrant and bright for a long time.   

Why We Like This Paint:

Rust-Oleum spray paint and primer works with a double duty to cut down the prep work and let you apply some coats of paint. With a range of finishes with colors available, you can be made sure to get one perfect for the projects.


  • Vibrant color
  • UV-resistant
  • Long-lasting
  • Flexible


  • Some customers reported the nozzle could be getting stuck.

3. Rust-Oleum spray paint for metal

If you have any project that has improved a few corrosion, this paint must be at the top of the list. It is known as the number one rust-preventative spray paint in the market. It is an oil-based formula paint that is ideal for patio furniture, wrought iron gates or barriers, and even outdoor contests.

The ultra-durable gloss spray paint offers superior coverage in every bottle and is available for picking with different colors. The gloss finish presents a tough topcoat. It is the easiest of all the finishes to clean. It helps you to make an update on your patio furniture with new color and new look.  

Why We Like This Paint:

Rust-Oleum features leading corrosion-removing product: Gloss Protective Enamel. It is simple to use and available with so many colors, breathing a new life into any metal items when protecting the surface from any weather with the ultra-sturdy topcoat.


  • The spray system is simple and easy
  • A lot of colors to select from
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor use
  • Comfort to spray the paint
  • Weather-resistant


  • Take some more time to dry

4.  Krylon All-in-one black spray Paint

Krylon all in one best spray paint for metal furniture is an adhesion-stronger product. It works very well as the best helper to make your task easy and simple effectively. When you work with this paint, there is no need for priming.

Just shake the bottle and go to spray on your outdoor metal furniture. It will present a long-lasting, durable, and flexible coat with a full guarantee.

Whatever your projects are inside or outside, this spray paint lets you paint any patio furniture. You also can use it for picture frames and other items with excellent coverage. Ten big buttons of spray tip help you to spray on the items from an angle.

Why We Like This Paint:

You should knock for this paint because it is an All-in-one spray paint bottle. It can be easy to handle during painting and provides a superior bond to metal by its No-Peel Guarantee.


  • Most strongest adhesion
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor furniture
  • Big button for spray tip
  • Spray from any angle
  • Guarantee not to peel


  • There is no overspray quickly

5. Rust-Oleum All Surfaces Spray Paint

If you have versatile material furniture in your garden or lawn, you should choose such spray paint that will be suitable for all surfaces. Well, for this, we select another paint from Rust-Oleum. It is available in any metallic finish from gold to black steel, which you can manage quickly without any hazard.

To apply this paint, you don’t need to use prime separately. Every coat of all surfaces this paint delivers super coverage with a long-lasting guarantee. The trigger design removes finger fatigue when apply and will be sprayed from several angles for simple application. 

Why We Like This Paint:

We mostly like it for its availability in many metallic finishes that are allowed to apply on all surfaces. It is simple to update your lawn furniture and give a modern look with this all-in-one spray paint.  


  • Metallic colors to select
  • Easy to operate trigger pattern
  • Durable and flexible
  • Maximum adhesion
  • There is no need to use prime


  • The nozzle will be finicky

Buying Guide of Spray Paint for Metal Furniture

How to select the best spray paint? This section will help you to know it.

  1. Paint base: There are two types of paint-based are available in the market – 1) water-based & 2) oil-based. For outdoor metal furniture, oil-based is the best option.
  2. Spray nozzle: The spray nozzle is important to give the right and perfect direction to spray the paint on the projects. Smaller or wider nozzle, you have to choose based on your project’s size.
  3. Drying time: Several types of paint take a short or long time to dry. If you are in a hurry, you should choose the paint that dries quickly.
  4. Durability: Check the paint’s long-lasting and then pick what has durability.
  5. Color: Choose the color that you want to paint, removing old colors.
  6. Finish: Select the right finish from some options like – High-Gloss paint, Semigloss paint, Satin Paints, Eggshells Paints, and Matte Finish Paints.
  7. Coverage area: Every label of the bottle indicated how many areas you can cover with this paint. So, take the paint which one can cover your required area.  

Tips for Quick & Professional Spray Paint

Below has some reliable spray painting tips and tricks to get the best and fine finish for your patio or outdoor furniture.

  1. Use spray paint grips: Use one of the spray paint grips to keep the hand from getting tired. It is easier than griping down that button on the top of the bottle.  
  2. Don’t spray from closer: Grip the spray bottle about six inches away from the surface to eliminate the paint from running or pooling.
  3. Have a spray paint plan: The best method to remove missing spots is to have a painting plan of attack. Start from the front side of the chair and paint more things you need to see from top to bottom. Don’t forget to spray from the inside to the outside of the chair.
  4. Start middle of the table: Do the similar from the middle portion of the table. It will remove you from rubbing up against the wet paint.
  5. Do double thin coats: Paint double thin coats for better results and finishing. But it takes 30 to 45 minutes to break for a second-time spray.
  6. Work in the shadow area: When you are painting your outdoor furniture, you should select the workspace under the shadow area.
  7. Put down Cardboard: Put the furniture under some pieces of cardboard so that the paint getting everywhere.
  8. Let Dry for 48-hours: After finishing the painting, let the furniture dry completely. If you give it 48 and more than hours to dry, the paint will be fixed better and make it long-lasting.
  9. Spray from the right way: When you are spraying the paint, move across the furniture, starting and finishing on the tarp or even drop cloth. You can avoid the heaviest application in a single area.
  10. Take a short break: If you get pretty heavy-handed and the spray paints to run, don’t get panic. Take a short break to dry the painted area, and then use sandpaper to smoothly sand out the trickles.
  11. Choose the right day for painting: When you are ready to paint your furniture outside, the day should be a quiet and breeze-free day. It is the result, and those fine days also help you to paint quietly without moving any dust around the furniture which can be locked with them.   

Well, those are our tips for outdoor furniture painting. Now you can paint your outdoor furniture with the new version.


Is Spray Paint long-lasting on metal?

Yes, the best spray paint can be durable on any metal surface. With the perfect spray paint, you will prolong the lifespan of any metal surface when protecting it from any future damage.

What types of spray paint for metal surfaces?

Most people would like to get oil-based paint. They are easy to operate and clean, and even dry-faster instead of water-based paint.

What types of spray paint will stick on the metal surface?

You can use water-based or oil-based spray paint that is identified for metal specifically. If you need to dry faster, you can use oil-based paint.

Do you have to the prime metal before painting?

Yes, prime is important before spray painting. But if you pick painting with prime plus paint, it will be better for ideal painting.

Which is better, spray paint or brush paint for metal?

Obviously, spray paint is better than brush paint for metal surfaces. Spray paint is allowed practically for any surface like wood, wicker, plastic, metal, and resin.

What is the best spray paint for professional painting?

Rust-Oleum high-performance enamel spray offers amazing coverage and is ideal for professional and commercial applications.

How do I Seal Spray Paint on Metal?

Just following a few steps, you can seal any spray paint on metal.
·        Test the nozzle of the spray paint bottle.
·        Shake the bottle properly.
·        Prepare the items before spraying the paint.
·        When the products are painted, close over the box front and slightly seal it using the masking tape to remove the dust from sticking to the work.

Can you Use Enamel spray paint on metal?

Most spray paint comes from fibrous or porous material, and the metal frequently needs some extra consideration during painting. Enamel spray paints are one feasible option for painting on all types of metal.  

The Bottom Line!

Painting of the outdoor furniture is a great process to give them a good appearance all the time. It not only gives a fine look but also expands the lifespan of the furniture. We think our review and buying guide will help you to select the best spray paint for metal outdoor furniture. Here are bonus tips that also will be useful for you to apply your selected paint simply.

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