300 Grams Glossy Paper for Spray Paint

Are you now obsessed with spray paint? As a painting lover, you need to be skilled at the artwork with spray paint. Hence you need 300 grams glossy paper for spray paint. They are glossy in nature as the name suggests.

Such papers have a microporous coating, allowing spray paint to fast dry.  After spraying on it, you can produce different textures. Both sides of the sheet are glossy.

Before starting spray painting, you need to test the paint color and the nozzle. Otherwise, there will have every chance of spoiling your art. After the application of each coat take time for the next application.

Best Paper for Spray Paint Stencils

If are not that expert in painting you may opt for taking the help of stencils. They will help you get the level of the painting you wish for. But, can you use paper as a stencil for spray paint? If yes, what are the best paper for spray paint stencils?

Basically, the paper which is considered as the best for a stencil is not any real paper. Because paper is a good paint absorbent. Stencils are produced from:

  • Paper-like, thin, non-absorptive plastic sheets. They will give you no awkward experience by deteriorating after using it. Careful attention is required so that no paint or ink buildup created on your design edges might cause any unexpected stain on the surface.
  • Clear stiff plastic is commonly used for maps, photos etc. lamination. They can be reused and are not prone to curl like other papers. They are adhesive to spray.
  • Long-lasting acetate sheets.
  • Mylar, a type of polyester resin. They are reusable.

So many emerging artists are there around the world. They are producing spray paint art for sale by using spray paint stencils.

What Is Spray Art Starter Kit?

Spray paint art Starter kit is a great thing for painting lovers.  It’s easy to hold and activate a portable spray pen. Using the pen, you can easily airbrush on canvas bags, T-shirts etc. With the kit, the young artists produce creative artwork.

You will get the following things included in it:

  • Three stencil sheets: help you spray letters, food, animals, etc.
  • Four colored and one white marker: The ink for painting comes from the markers.

Besides you need two AAA batteries.

Can You Spray Paint Poster Board?

As a paint lover, you will find spray paint user friendly. It allows you to use them on different types of surfaces. Accordingly, you can choose a poster board to produce your lovely artwork in addition to 300 grams glossy paper for spray paint.

But make sure that it is of good quality. A quality posterboard with a glossy finish, will hold the paint and have very little chance to rip. Hold the paint can 8” – 12” away from the poster board. And repeat spraying light paint coat till you get desired look of your art.

The uses of spray paints are really amazing. One of them is paper crafting. A special kind of spray paint for paper crafts produces elegant and creative effects. These are really surprising.

Best Spray Paint for Art

You will get spray paints from different brands available in the market. Most of them have a great color variation. They are able to produce nice artwork. Try to choose the best spray paint for art.

Buy spray with color variation. It is wise to pick the paints having a pair of same color cans. It will help you to run your paintwork if the first can is not sufficient for your work.

Before buying your one check the caps that come with aerosols. Usually, they may be smaller or wider. The first one provides a consistent paint flow whereas the latter one offers an action of dispersed spraying. You will find some cans having an adjustable cap.

A question may arise can you use Krylon spray on paper? Yes, you can use and improve your artwork with Krylon spray. It can be used on paper too like other objects such as wood, glass, metal, ceramic, etc. They are protective and moisture resistant. They offer permanent gloss coating,

But you need masking paper for spray painting, to keep the surface protected from any kind of spills, stains, or drips.

They work along with different types of masking films and masking tapes. They are of two types

●    Blue and white: poly-coated heavy paper stock available in roll form.

●    Brown and green: untreated and recycled papers cover any surface with an odd shape; available both in sheet or roll form.


1. Which paper is used for spray painting?

: To enjoy the beauty, produced by spray painting, you need paper with an exactly prepared surface. With this condition, spray painting is friendly to almost everything. You may use lightweight paper for spray paint but can’t produce any long-lasting, exemplary artwork.

2. Can you spray paint on Bristol paper?

: Bristol papers are commonly used for drawing. Adopting some precautionary measures, you can do spray paint on it. You are to choose the thickest ply of drawing paper. Then tape the paper down to a board so that it doesn’t get warpe

3. What Is Graffiti Spray Paint Kit?

: Graffiti spray paint kit helps produce any artistic work on wall or street. Different brands produce such kits. They include a set of 12 bright and beautiful colors, masks, gloves, goggles, along with some symbols, alphabets, sample tags etc.

4. Does rustoleum work on paper?

: Rust-Oleum is one of the best spray paints that work well on paper. But the output or result relies on the components of paper, its thickness, weight, etc. The paper, having poster board like features are compatible with Rust-Oleum spray paint.

5. Can you use photo paper for spray paint?

: Photo paper is not ideal for spray paint. You will require a special type of paper commonly known as poster board. Because photo paper absorbs the spray paint and you won’t get the desired texture. They are good to practice for beginners.

Final Words

By the time you have known everything related to spray paint. Now it’s your turn to choose the right material. 300 grams glossy paper for spray paint is favorable in most ways. But what happened if it is not handy? Will you abandon your project?

No, find your way if you have a will. You can happily use what you find around your house like newspapers, plates, lids, poster board, magazines and whatnot. If you are a beginner, magazines or papers are appropriate for you. They will save your money and protect your paperboard from being wasted.

Follow some safety tips like ensuring room ventilation, covering yourself including eyes, and keeping all safety gears on.

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